noisywallflower (noisywallflower) wrote in skyhigh_icons,

Help With The New Sky High Stamping Community!

Hi! I'm Bridget and I've just made a community which, with your help, will become one of those nifty stamping communities.

Stamping communities are where a person fills out a little survey about themselves, their talents, personality etc. and then, after it's posted in the community, other members will tell you which character you most closely resemble. After enough votes are given you will receive a stamp (a graphic representing the character you were stamped as) which you can post in your signatures or in your user info.

You might be able to help me.

I'm aware that there are some pretty badass artists in this community and I really need some artistic talent to make this thing work. Most of all I need someone who can put together a nice layout for the community, but I will also need promo banners and stamps.

You can find what I'd like in a stamp in the community's info so...
skyhigh_stamps skyhigh_stamps skyhigh_stamps skyhigh_stamps skyhigh_stamps
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